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Thermally Insulated Conservatory in Yorkshire

Insulated Panel Conservatory Roofs

Resolve the age-old problem of fluctuating temperatures in your conservatory with an all-in-one solution that combines thermal insulation and waterproofing. Our single-panel option offers a seamless fix to the “too hot/too cold” predicament often faced with conservatory roofs. Simply replace your current polycarbonate or glass roof panels with our insulated waterproof sandwich panels, available in various sizes and thicknesses. If you’re in search of insulated roof panels for your conservatory, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Yorkshire Conservatory Insulations today.

Situated in Yorkshire, we proudly serve clients throughout the entire UK. Whether you’re in the trade or a member of the public, your inquiries are more than welcome. Experience the transformation in comfort and functionality with our innovative solutions.

Thermally Insulated Conservatory in Yorkshire

Solid Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

For over three decades, Stadur Produktions GmbH has stood as a prominent figure in Europe’s composite panel manufacturing industry. With a steadfast commitment to quality, the company has excelled in producing insulated sandwich panels. Its clientele spans numerous countries across the globe, with applications diverse in nature.

Throughout this span, Stadur has forged a robust identity as an innovator in product development, consistently introducing fresh offerings while upholding a competitive edge. This dedication to innovation has solidified the company’s reputation, contributing to its sustained success in the industry.

Solid Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels


Offering both supply-only and installation options (partnered with local installers across a significant portion of the country)


Available in thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 100mm extended lengths reaching up to 7.5 meters Widths expanding up to 2.2 meters Various external colours: White, slate grey, copper brown; Internal colours: White, cream/ivory choice between Stadurlon (Polypropylene) or Stadur Top (Aluminium) skins Includes options for integrated acoustic and security layers EFFORTLESS AND SPEEDY INSTALLATION

Seamless replacement for existing glass or polycarbonate panels is typically completed within a day INSTALLATION SERVICES AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE – Through our network of local partner installers. EXCEPTIONAL THERMAL EFFICIENCY

Minimize solar heat gain and reduce roof heat loss by 50-80% LIGHTWEIGHT YET STURDY



Long panels up to 7.5 meters. Broad panels up to 2.2 meters. GUARANTEED FOR A DECADE

Ensures UV stability and secure bonding ADDITIONAL ACOUSTIC and SECURITY ALTERNATIVES

Enhance noise reduction with an acoustic layer and boost security with an added aluminium layer COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION

For a rough pricing estimate, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Kindly provide details such as approximate maximum length, width, thickness, number of panels, and an estimate of the roof area.

Thermally Insulated Conservatory in Yorkshire

Replacement Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

Polycarbonate roof sheets possess a finite life expectancy, generally falling between 10 and 15 years.

When the time arrives for replacing these roof panels, owners are presented with several choices:

  1. Direct replacement – offering limited thermal enhancement.
  2. Substituting old panels with solid insulated conservatory roof panels.
  3. Opting for a more comprehensive approach by replacing the entire roof.

With growing concerns about energy conservation and extending the conservatory’s usability throughout the year, options 2 and 3 are gaining popularity.

The transition to solid panels not only curbs heat loss but also diminishes solar heat gain, breaking the cycle of a conservatory that’s too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Moreover, it introduces effective shading – think about the cooling effect of a parasol on a sunny day.

While entirely replacing the roof can be a pricey decision, often necessitating a structural assessment of the existing framework and, in some cases, foundation examination due to increased weight, it also typically requires specialized installation.

However, there exists an alternative solution…

“Drop in” Replacement Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

  • Integrated thermal insulation and waterproof solution addresses “too hot/too cold” conservatory roof issue using a single panel type.
  • Direct replacement of existing polycarbonate or glass roof panels with insulated waterproof sandwich panels.
  • Available in various thicknesses and sizes, perfectly fitting the current structure.
  • Feasible for most competent DIY enthusiasts.
  • Typically completed in a single day; small lean-tos can be done within half a day.
  • Sandwich panels are widely recognized for structural strength and lightweight properties in marine, aeronautical structures, insulated vehicle bodies, and modular buildings.
  • Insulated conservatory roof panels crafted according to your specifications by Stadur, a leading European sandwich panel manufacturer.
  • Stadur, based in Germany, is acclaimed for innovation and producing high-quality, enduring products.
  • Range of colour choices to harmonize with surrounding colour schemes.
  • Panels are lightweight, robust, easy to handle, and thermally efficient due to the XPS insulation core.
  • Depending on roof panel thickness and insulation type, the potential to reduce roof heat loss by 50 to 70% in a direct polycarbonate replacement with solid insulated panels.
  • Significant reduction in solar gain from direct sunlight.


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    Conservatory Insulated Panel Roof

    The best roofing choices for a conservatory are insulated panel roofs, where as it used to be polycarbonate and glass, the new insulated panels offer energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
    The benefit of an insulated conservatory roof lies in its enhanced thermal efficiency, leading to reduced energy costs and year-round comfort, transforming your conservatory into a versatile living space.
    The top insulation choices for conservatory roofs include insulated panels, multi-layer foil, polycarbonate sheets, and glass with low emissivity coatings, offering energy efficiency and comfort.